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The installation company Canada’s Fortune 500 companies depend on.

As a manufacturer, there are certain issues that are critical to your success.

How can we sell more product and increase our market share?

How do we open up new revenue streams?

How do we build stronger relationships with our customers?

How can we build better brand loyalty?

How can we handle customer issues with less headaches?

We Install It can be the answer to all of these questions.


What if you could have your own installation arm-a professional, well-resourced, timely and reliable team- to give you and your customers a single point of contact for all issues and help you build strong relationships and brand loyalty with your customers. One that could open up a brand new revenue stream for your company and finally, would help you sell more product by removing that hesitation to making the purchase. All of this can be achieved by partnering with We Install It.

We Install It can provide you with unsurpassed nationwide coverage for your product installation with our high quality network of experienced installation professionals. They are always reliable, on time and perform their work with the highest level of professionalism. We cover every major centre and every small town from coast to coast.

We Install It can provide your company with significant savings on installation costs through our nationwide network of over 2,200 licensed, bonded and insured General Maintenance Technicians and skilled trades. Utilizing our GMT’s for installations and warranty repairs can provide significant cost savings. If the job requires a skilled trade then we have those at the ready. Matching the correct skill level required, for the specific job, results in cost savings while ensuring the highest quality standards.

In addition, We Install It can reduce your operating costs through our national single point of contact for all product installations and warranty repairs. This is accomplished by utilizing our consolidated administration, with our state of the art work order processing system for tracking, controlling, billing and reporting.

Whether you are looking for an entire national network of installers at your disposal, you have an unreliable installer, or you just have some overflow installation requirements at the peak of your busy season, We Install It is there for you. You don’t have to go through the costly time and effort to hire, train and maintain an installation/service work force. Let We Install It take that headache off your hands while you have the peace of mind and confidence that the job is being done on time, to your exact product specifications, all while providing great value to you.

We Install It recognizes that we are an extension of your brand, and we have designed our systems and will train our personnel to maximize the high quality perception of your brand and the specifics of each products installation requirements.

The fact is, your installer represents your brand and will be a reflection of your brand to the end user. Why work so hard to produce a top quality product along with a positive sales experience only to lose all of that and cause harm to your brand’s good name with a less than perfect installation experience?

You don’t cut corners or gamble when you are producing your products…why gamble on the crucial installation?

Call the professionals at We Install It.

All of our installers are uniformed and ID badged. They are all security cleared with current Criminal Background Checks which are updated annually. They are insured with $50,000 in Fidelity Bonding, WCB insurance and have a $5,000,000 general liability insurance certificate. Our installers are educated on every procedure required of the client for that particular job. Whatever documentation is required to be completed, check in/out with site foremen, anything you need…they will fulfill in a professional manner.

Save time & money and get the guaranteed, quality work that all of our satisfied customers have.

We Install It has the unique ability to service our residential, commercial and industrial clients on national, regional and local levels. Manufacturers rely on We Install It to guarantee accurate installation of their specific products, with the convenience and cost savings of a national single point of contact for all installations and warranty repairs.

No more headaches of multiple contacts for service in multiple locations.

No more wondering why the installer hasn’t shown up on the site and why they don’t return your calls.

Our scope is such that we can logistically cover Canada in ways that the competition simply doesn’t.

We Install It has successfully partnered with a diverse array of valued clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small start ups to homeowners with a single product installation need. No job is too big or too small for We Install It. From Canada’s major banks, manufacturers and big box home improvement retailers to the small coffee shop on the corner or your neighbour down the street, We Install It continues to be the “gold standard” in the installation industry by providing high quality, professional, cost effective installation solutions for every client.

We Install It’s operating and communication systems were developed and are continually enhanced by our in-house technology team. We react immediately to the receipt of an order at our head office by phone or any electronic media. Utilizing highly trained, multilingual call center customer representatives, orders from all across Canada are processed seven days a week.

We Install It directs and controls all administrative functions through our Head Office, providing for centralized reporting, cost effectiveness, and quick turn around times and tracking of all trade services.

We Install It’s services have been deployed by some of North America’s most famous brands in thousands of  locations all across Canada, and offer real-time appointment scheduling, as well as status feedback on service events. Events and schedules are then assigned to the appropriate installer and optimally prioritized by the installer’s skill, quality, location, and the client’s service time requirements (in 24 hrs, 48 hrs, 72 hrs).

Whether scheduling real time at the point of sale, offline phone channels, or customer self-service online scheduling, we leverage our systems to create the customized service experience that meets your program objectives and your customers’ preferences.

It is time to consolidate your efforts. The secret to our success is simple. We save our clients time and money by performing top quality work, in a professional manner, for a price that can not be beat!

One contact.

One invoice.

One very satisfied client because We Install It!

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