Commercial Product Installation

How long does it take for an install once an order has been placed?

Once an order has been received, the customer is contacted within 24 hours, and the installation is booked within 72 hours.

Are your Installers insured?

When utilizing We Install It's services you are assured of quality workmanship backed by our one year labour warranty, $5 million general liability insurance, $50,000 Fidelity Bonding/WSIB Compliant.

How do you determine an install cost for my product?

Our Project Coordinator will review your install requirement and provide you with detailed pricing including a flat installation rate.

How do you provide training for your installers?

All our technicians receive installation training manuals for each specific product. Our National Service Coordinator will conduct one-on-one conference training sessions, seminars, web training, as well as providing them with any product printed materials for each product.

Are your Installers licensed?

Where a licensed trade is required to perform an install, only a licensed trade technician is used. Where an install does not require a licensed trade person, a qualified GMT (General Maintenance Technician) is used. This enables us to provide a more competitive price point and better match the skill level required to complete the job properly.

How do you keep track of your installs?

All installs are tracked by work order number, by client name and reference code. We provide standardized reporting to summarize installation services by day, week or month depending on the client's specific needs.

What if the product I have is not on your list of services?

We have the ability to provide install services on a broad range of products and our list is representative of just some of those services. We will explore any opportunity that requires installation or assembly within our competency to do so.

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